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We love WOOD!  Our family has developed a love for the natural beauty of wood and the many beautiful things we can do with it.  What started out as a hobby in our home garage in Virginia Beach, VA, has now grown into 46 Woodworks ("Four Six" Woodworks).  We still work out of our home, but have decided to share our love of wood with others and hope you can enjoy the creativity and uniqueness of all that we do.  And honestly, we are running out of room in our house to display all the pieces!


The creators behind our handmade masterpieces are Jason & Tristen Perry, a father & son team.  They have worked hard to learn to the art of woodturning and have put a lot of time and energy into their pieces.  Aside from woodturning, they just love woodworking in general and are constantly dreaming up ideas for new pieces. 


The one thing about wood is that every piece is unique in it's own way.  No two pieces are the same.  So, it's almost always certain that whatever you purchase from us, you will never find another piece exactly like it.  We do custom pieces - if you have an idea, we welcome the opportunity to create it for you.  Our pieces are perfect for decorative accents in your home or office or as unique gifts for birthdays, weddings, or any occasion.

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